Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

Why do Body Code™ sessions?

body code

The best reason to do Body Code is simply that you want to feel and do better. Maybe you want to be healthy and have that annoying physical symptom go away. Maybe you want to get along with people and stop sabotaging yourself. Or you want to just get on with your life. You want to do Body Code because nothing else you’ve tried has been able to create the change you want.

I did Body Code because I was sick of repeating patterns. Physical symptoms, emotional states, and patterns of behaviour that I didn’t want but couldn’t seem to change no matter what I tried.

As a practitioner of Body Code, I love helping people, asking questions and helping them to figure things out.

Emotional damage can sit in the background of our subconscious until something similar stimulates it. Suddenly, there you are overreacting again with anger, panic, anxiety, fear, or overwhelm. You name it – we can all experience it.

But it’s how we react to the experience that matters. Often people who come to me as clients don’t have a conscious memory of the event that caused their emotions. It’s buried in the subconscious. Sometimes the event is obvious like a major car accident but it can be less clear like sibling rivalry over time. A person knows when they have feelings disproportionate to what’s going on, but they don’t know how to change or stop it. We can’t logically talk ourselves out of paralyzing anger, panic, anxiety, fear, or overwhelm. If we could, we would.

With the Body Code System, you will painlessly find the parts that make up the problem and clear them. Everything is interconnected. We will clear emotions that are in a gland, organ, meridian, or any part of the physical body affecting that body part. Those emotions can be connected to a very old event that caused a belief. It may be related to a physical trauma that you have no memory of. Other things are inherited. When you clear them, you will heal the ancestral line going back, as well as forwards for your children or siblings in the now.

I had done work on myself for years with all kinds of wonderful people and modalities but there were still some things that I just couldn’t seem to touch or reach to change. The Body Code finds the things buried deep down behind the obvious problem. It works on the subconscious level and totally involves the mind, body and spirit in the hunt for the cause.

When you book a Body Code session here are a few things that you can expect:

● A sense of lightness and clarity.

● Relief from many physical symptoms.

● An ease in dealing with people and situations that caused anxiety before.