Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

What happens in a live Body Code™ session with me?

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A live Body Code session lasts for an hour. In this session I work with the client, to remove trapped imbalances that are causing unwanted patterns or issues. These patterns and issues can be emotional or physical. Most are a combination of both. There are nearly always a combination of events, emotions, beliefs and thought patterns causing the imbalance.

I work remotely, using Zoom or a similar tool along with the Body Code™ app and muscle testing (kinesiology).

Before the session, the client and I briefly discuss what the issue is that they are wanting to clear, shift or change. The topic can be about anything that is getting in the way of, frustrating or bothering the person. It can be an emotional, physical issue or block of any sort.

I have done sessions about all kinds of things: difficult relationships with other people, physical issues that won’t go away, blocks to success in anything, patterns that keep repeating themselves, obsessive thoughts and frustrating patterns of behaviour.

A session starts with a simple blessing and spoken desire for the session to be successful. I then muscle test and ask if I can be a proxy for the client. The answer is almost always “Yes”.

In a Body Code™ session, we are looking for “Associated Imbalances” that are creating the problem. The client and I create a statement to start the process of clearing these imbalances. I don’t need to know anything about the history of this issue, this is not a therapy session. We create a simple question like “Are there Associated Imbalances that keep me from losing weight, exercising, thinking about my ex-partner, being successful with money, being the highest and best version of myself?” Or, “Are there Associated Imbalances that keep me: craving sugar, feeling sad, tired, angry, stuck in an unfulfilling job or relationships?”

Once this is established as our starting point I use the Body Code™ chart and muscle testing to find and clear the Associated Imbalances. I ask “Are there Associated Imbalances about…?” I get either a yes or a no answer with the muscle testing and move through the levels of the chart taking notes as I go.

This is where the amazing journey of a Body Code™ session gets really interesting and exciting. An imbalance often has more imbalances beneath or inside it. We go on a journey of discovery looking for an Imbalance that we can clear. Often that is an emotion creating the Imbalance. We clear what is able to be cleared, easily and quickly using a clearing statement and a magnet passed three to ten times across the top of the head.

There are often many things left to clear at the end of an hour session. Especially with a new topic. I take notes throughout the process and send the client a copy with what still needs to be cleared underlined. The next session starts with what is left to be cleared from the last session. Book your body code session today!

After a session, people often feel a sense of space and comfort. They are generally less anxious and often feel like even taking a nap. If physical issues were worked on, those will usually have gone down in intensity. Sometimes the physical change is not felt immediately after a session but the person will notice later that there is less of an issue there or they have even forgotten about what was bothering them. It’s recommended to wait a couple of days before having another Body Code session.