Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

Fear of falling off edges, ledges and cliffs cleared using the Body Code™

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I like to hike and go on walks in nature. I also live in New Zealand where there’s an abundance of beautiful trails through the hills and mountains. Unfortunately those trails also have an abundance of edges, ledges and cliffs, and not a lot of handrails.

So of course, my fear of falling was a problem.

New Zealanders are a hardy bunch and they happily take family hikes down trails that would make me cringe and freeze with fear. My husband was raised here and he would stroll calmly past a sheer drop on a narrow trail then have to stop and wait for me. I’d rant about how dangerous the trail was and why don’t they make it wider or put up a railing, and this is insane, etc, etc. I would move forward at a snail’s pace, cursing and clinging to the hillside.

The hikes I really wanted to do were multi day alpine trails. High mountains, with steep slopes, big drops and certainly no handrails. I struggled through one, but clearly I needed to deal with this fear.

Fortunately for myself and my long suffering husband, I found the Body Code™ practice soon after this experience. I was able to clear my fear of falling off edges, ledges and cliffs using the Body Code™.

With the Body Code™ you never know what you may find. As Dr Bradley Nelson, creator of the Body Code™ says, “Anything can cause anything”. In a session you might find that you are directed to start with something physical in the body or it may start with an emotion or a meridian. The path begins and often goes to several places. When clearing something like a fear it may take a few sessions or it may just take one. 

In my sessions clearing the fear, my first question was “Do I have Associated Imbalances that make me scared of edges, ledges and cliffs?” I found a Post Traumatic Physical-Emotional Shock, from an accident when I was quite young. I found more recent trapped emotions such as overwhelm, despair, dread and fear. I found a mental Despair Anchor “I don’t have control”.

These Associated Imbalances could be from situations that had nothing to do with falling or even hurting myself. Things from the past sit there quietly until a triggering situation creates that similar mental state, then they scream out. I didn’t need to know what event these Associated Imbalances were from, I just needed to clear them.

Now, I can hike trails with edges, ledges and cliffs. I don’t curse and rant about how dangerous a trail is and why dont they make the trail wider or put up a railing, etc, etc. My husband is now much happier hiking with me. 

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