Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

What happens in a live Belief Code™ session with me?

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Release belief systems that your body held on to, long after your mind let them go. Yes, please I say!

Many people and courses recommend getting rid of your negative beliefs that are holding you back or driving behaviours that you no longer want. Your negative beliefs are often in the subconscious, so you don’t even know what those beliefs are. They could have been created before you were even able to speak. Perhaps as a baby no one responded to your immediate needs and your mind decided you were unworthy, no one really cares, the world is a dangerous place, or you are not important enough to have your needs met. You could have had a really loving caring family life, but that subconscious belief can still be there.

These old negative beliefs can be creating the frustrating behaviours and emotions that you can’t seem to change today.

Now we can find those negative beliefs and clear them using the newly released Belief Code. 

In Feb of this year, 2024, I completed the Belief Code course and became certified as a Belief Code Practitioner. This is the third level of Dr Bradly Nelson’s training after the Emotion Code and the Body Code. My clients are loving this new tool that we can navigate to help them change the old frustrating patterns that are affecting their lives today.

Using the Belief Code, I’ve helped people release the panic, anxiety, and negative self-talk before they make an important presentation, have a job interview, compete in an event, or have a long airline flight. I’ve used the Belief Code to help people be around others that they find irritating and difficult. You know the ones, coworkers or relatives who just can’t be avoided.

You can’t change other people, but you can change how they affect you.

Sometimes we will be doing a Body Code session, and we are told we need to do a Belief code session on a belief that has come up. This is pure gold because we will do a deep dive into a negative belief that may be affecting the main issue. Once the Belief code session is finished, we return to the Body Code session and carry on. Usually, emotional issues will then quickly and easily release in the Body Code session after removing the old negative beliefs.

When booking your session, you don’t need to decide which technique to use; The Emotion Code, The Body Code or The Belief Code. Your subconscious knows what is needed and we will often use them all in one session. Book now and create the most magnificent you!