Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

Releasing my fear of going to the dentist using the Body Code™

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Fear of the Dentist, fear of the appointment, being extremely nervous and hyper sensitive to pain, all of that and more has been my dental experience since I was a child. “Do you have one of those squishy stress balls I can squeeze?” was my question at my first dental appointment in a few years. I was on hyper-alert in the chair. I told the dentist and the assistant that going to the dentist made me really nervous. I’m sure they had noticed this already. This was just an appointment to see what needed to be done. A major filling had fallen out so I had to go to a dentist. They weren’t planning to turn the drill with that high pitched sound on at this appointment. They were however going to go into my open mouth with sharp metal tools while I lay back helpless in the chair. The assistant was there to hold me down if needed. At least that’s how I saw her role.

When I left I thought that this was ridiculous and actually embarrassing to be this freaked out by something that people go to all the time. My husband had told me how he fell asleep in the dentist’s chair the last time he was being worked on. We are really different people, possibly from different planets.

I am a Body Code Practitioner. I help people release emotions, beliefs, traumas, physical issues and all manner of things from their pasts. But I can get caught up in helping others and not work on my own issues. I decided to clear my Associated Imbalances about going to the dentist using the Body Code so I would have no fear or anxiety about going to or being in the chair of a dentist. 

What I needed to clear was no surprise in hindsight; a traumatic childhood dental experience, an Idea Allergy to feeling trapped, a Post Hypnotic Suggestion that Everything is scary, a Despair Anchor It’s out of my control, and lots more. It was just the usual process of finding and clearing out the old garbage that’s making today hard because of stuck stuff from the past. 

I’m pleased to report that I have just experienced a totally relaxed and calm dental appointment. It was a big one requiring over an hour in the chair with the high pitched drill, sharp metal tools scraping away, my mouth held open with a device lodged in to keep my unruly tongue back and I nearly dozed off. I’m so pleased to have the Body Code as a tool to create a better life for myself and others. 

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(Photo by Caroline LM on Unsplash)