Catherine Caldwell
Certified Body Code™ Practitioner

Body Code™ and Belief Code™ – healing the past to heal the present

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Healing the Past

It’s a popular suggestion; to heal the present, heal the past. But it’s not always obvious how to do that. The Body Code and Belief Code are really good at clearing things from the past to heal the present. It comes up frequently in sessions.

As a Body Code and Belief Code practitioner I work with people all the time who don’t realize their problem today is bad or persistent because of the past. We often react strongly to something today because it’s similar to, or linked somehow, to something that occurred long ago. When I check with a client about something that may have happened when they were much younger, they often don’t recall at first. But then they remember something quite major like their parents divorced, the next child was born, they were really ill for a long time or got badly hurt. Any of these events in the past can leave thought patterns that aren’t supportive; the emotion of abandonment, the feeling of not being good enough, believing the world’s not safe, I’m not important, the emotion of despair, I don’t have control – the list goes on. These kinds of things just sit there in the background of our psyche until they are reactivated by an event that makes us feel that way again. We can find the energy of these past events easily and release them using the Body Code or Belief Code during a session. Then we can deal with the current situation in a calm and fully present way.

With the Body code and Belief Code it gets even more interesting and a bit wilder the further back you go. An event and reaction could have been in our Mother’s womb or even before that. You could have absorbed the emotion or state of mind from your Mother or just thought or felt it yourself when you were still in the womb. I’ve helped people with feelings of vulnerability that go back to their Mothers having a difficult pregnancy.

It also could be something that happened to our ancestors and has been passed on just like the color of our eyes. Ancestral clearing is a powerful way to let go of persistent repeating patterns that you have no logical explanation for. Most people tend to carry the inherited emotions from one parent more than the other. Using muscle testing we can find how many generations back these emotions go. There are some really interesting cultural similarities. I’ve worked with people with Irish ancestors that have inherited emotions of sadness, despair, betrayal and hopelessness. Read about the Irish potato famine and you can understand why. In Europe during the Middle Ages wars seemed to be continually going on. Lots of inherited horror, shock, anger, bitterness and sadness has been passed down from these wars. The beauty of this is that using the Body Code and the Belief Code you can easily clear all of this, all the way back for all the ancestors and yourself. What a relief that is!

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